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Enhance your efficiency, save valuable time, and reduce legal risks by streamlining your workflow.
With Docfield, all your documents & contracts are accurate and up-to-date, allowing you to focus on the contents of the document.
increase in contract close rate
hours saved per contract
reduction in legal & regulatory risk
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The intelligent document & contract
management platform

Whether you're looking to improve your compliancy, generate complex contracts at scale,
or extract invaluable data from documents – our platform will provide a seamless end-to-end experience.

Template builder

Set yourself up for success by designing smart templates and workflows

Conditional logic

Prevent mistakes and ensure compliance of contracts & documents with our intuitive rule-based logic

Custom workflows

Effortlessly manage the process with our customisable workflows

Smart fields

Create smart fields & capture critical data

Version history

Gain access to the complete audit trail of every document or contract

Real time collaboration

Collaborate with multiple departments in a safe cloud-based environment, send comments and tag other members

Progress tracker

See exactly which smart fields or text elements still have to be filled in

Automate communication

Eliminate endless email threads with automated notifications for workflow progression or reaching milestones

Enterprise-wide integration

Get the most out of Docfield by leveraging our API

Workflow management

Create custom workflows for each template, assign responsibilities and set deadlines

Approval steps

Customise steps to fit your internal process & compliance requirements


Accelerate the process with digital signing solution

Export to CSV

Export your data to Excel Sheets easily

Document history

Log all activities and store your audit trail indefinitely

Dynamic data views

Extract mission-critical data from smart fields and turn them into actionable insights

Archive templates

Enable your organisation to audit and control years of work progress



with your data

At Docfield, we are deeply committed to data security and privacy.
This commitment lies at the heart of our business operations.
We prioritise delivering dependable outcomes that surpass our clients’ expectations. We value your privacy and security and take every measure to ensure your peace of mind.
GDPR Compliant
We follow EU regulations
SSO Support
Enhanced login security with SURFconext, OAuth & Office 365
AWS Platform
Secure cloud computing storage
ISO 27001
Compliant with ISMS requirements

What customers are saying

"Since we’ve been using Docfield — we are saving up to 80% time on contracting with enterprise clients.”
Hans Hantson
Business Developer EMEA
"I used to have a bunch of Word documents that I sometimes had to scroll through endlessly, which took a lot of time. Now it's much clearer. You can see at a glance what's done and what's not."
Jennifer van Triest
Secretary at the Institute for People & Business
"More and more of our departments and faculties choose to work with this software. That is enough said, in my opinion."
Mo van Dijk
Policy officer
"We use Docfield to write OER’s. The authors, commenters & advisors enjoy using the product. As the coordinator, I’m most happy about the ease of use."
Raimond van Mouche
Policy advisor
"It’s very convenient for me to have my whole workflow in one place now."
Legal Advisor
"It is very nice to keep control of your own formats. And one should not be afraid that it is complicated because it is self-explanatory, and I really like that."
Lisa Markesteijn
Senior Lawyer
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