Docfield for Sales Contracts

Build once,
use repeatedly

Work with pre-established templates to improve coordination between departments. Customize your workflows and delegate execution.Create, sign, and store every contract in Docfield.
These organizations have already
streamlined their document processes

Use existing data and templates to create a contract in seconds

Create powerful templates as the foundation for your documents. Utilise smart fields to import data (e.g. CRM, ERP, PLM) and rule-based logic to instantly craft advanced and personalised proposals.

Template builder

Set yourself up for success by designing smart templates and workflows

Conditional logic — the new way to build smart contracts

Docfield's templates consist of ‘blocks’. Using rule-based logic, it is possible to display or hide certain ‘blocks’ with simple conditions. Blocks are shown or hidden when smart field values meet your criteria (e.g. contract type or company size).

Conditional logic

Prevent mistakes and ensure compliance of contracts & documents with our intuitive rule-based logic

Keep a close eye on contract progression by creating stages for them to pass through

Workflows created from step 1 allow documents to be managed, completed and negotiated in a step-wise manner. Document dashboards show real-time status of all contracts so you don’t lose them in the pipeline.

Custom workflows

Effortlessly manage the process with our customisable workflows

Loop-in clients, allowing them to leave comments and questions

Stop the endless ping-pong across multiple mediums by bringing all stakeholders to the contract, Mention your co-creators (internal or external) in a comment with any of your remarks or questions.

Real time collaboration

Collaborate with multiple departments in a safe cloud-based environment, send comments and tag other members