Docfield for IT & Software

Shorten your sales cycle & reduce risk

Accelerate your deal flow by spending less time on contracts while increasing compliance. Create and compile your proposals, SLAs, NDAs, and sales contracts with Docfield.
These organizations have already
streamlined their document processes

Collaborate effectively across departments

Docfield facilitates real-time collaboration during contract creation and provides a comprehensive contract management workflow to create custom workflow steps and assign roles & responsibilities.

Real time collaboration

Collaborate with multiple departments in a safe cloud-based environment, send comments and tag other members

Increase compliance and prevent costly mistakes

Ease contract creation while eliminating 99% of errors. Template owners can enforce compliance by locking content blocks and leveraging rule-based logic to automatically include or exclude content based on contract variables.

Smart fields

Create smart fields & capture critical data

Integrate with your CRM or ERP

Integrate Docfield with external sources to complement your contracts with client data (e.g. organisation name, address, contact person, etc.) or to automatically generate contracts based on deal stages.

Enterprise-wide integration

Get the most out of Docfield by leveraging our API

Analyze contract data and steer delivery teams

Capture mission-critical data (e.g. start date, license type, consultancy hours, etc.) in smart fields and create custom data views to instantly acquire invaluable insights.

Dynamic data views

Extract mission-critical data from smart fields and turn them into actionable insights