Docfield for Policy Documents

Simplify your key policy documents

Create, collaborate and publish your policy documents with Docfield.
A single solution for the creation and standardization of your key policy documents, ideal for Policy Advisors and Legal Departments.
These organizations have already
streamlined their document processes

The most favored tool by schools and universities to build policy documents.

Whether it concerns educational agreements, internship contracts or process agreements, thanks to efficient workflows and automatic reminders you can now provide much more customised education.

Workflow management

Create custom workflows for each template, assign responsibilities and set deadlines

Set automated reminders to ensure that all stakeholders sign on time

Everything set up? Then send out contracts in bulk for next actions. Eliminate delays and sign online anywhere from any device.

Document history

Log all activities and store your audit trail indefinitely

Search and archive with ease, a noticeable 70% time gained on searching for old documents

Archives don’t mean simply putting them away to gather dust. With Docfield’s “actionable archive” function, you can receive automatic notifications when agreements are about to expire. Gain from a robust search functionality based on keywords, expiration dates, or other relevant criteria. And pull out key reports when you need them.

Archive templates

Enable your organisation to audit and control years of work progress


All set? Eliminate delays by signing online from anywhere on any device.

Smart fields

Create smart fields & capture critical data