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Create, send, and e-Sign personalized sales proposals in minutes. Eliminate endless email threads with clients and go from crafting to signing proposals in a single solution.
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Proposals are created in seconds from smart templates and legacy data

Create powerful smart templates as the foundation of your documents. Utilise smart fields to import data (e.g. CRM, ERP, PLM) and rule-based logic to instantly craft advanced and personalized proposals.

Template builder

Set yourself up for success by designing smart templates and workflows

One streamlined process to reduce errors by 90%

All-in-one environment from creation and collaboration to e-Signing and data extraction. Eliminate version management with Docfield’s advanced template-document relationship and automatic updates.

Version history

Gain access to the complete audit trail of every document or contract

Say goodbye to the endless back-and-forth emails with your prospects

Collaborate live with your colleagues and clients within one digital environment. Allow your clients to make suggestions and update your proposal in seconds. Gone are the days of endless emailing and complex version management.

Automate communication

Eliminate endless email threads with automated notifications for workflow progression or reaching milestones

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