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October 22, 2021

HAN: education agreements

Every year at HAN, many thousands of education agreements are created between students and their coaches for the educational choices made.
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Every year at HAN, many thousands of education agreements are created between students and their coaches for the educational choices made. The drafting, signing and archiving of these agreements was done via MS Word and e-mail and took an enormous amount of time every year. Hence, the HAN wanted to simplify, standardise and professionalize this process in a centralised way.

Docfield’s solution

Docfield was able to offer HAN a suitable solution. Template contracts are created via our platform to enable both the student and the coach to only fill in a few missing data. Both parties can sign and download the education agreement directly via our platform. This ensures that the process is much simpler and the coach can easily keep an overview of the progress of various agreements and their current status.

To make the process even easier, we have implemented an API integration so that all important information from the students, coaches and training information is automatically available from the internal HAN systems.

Why choose Docfield?

1. Always keep an overview of all contracts

Filling in, adjusting and signing an education agreement takes a lot of time and you run the risk of losing the overview. By having Docfield manage the cycles of the education agreements, you are provided with the right information, at the right time and with the right people. For example, all education agreements are written and managed in one location, so that you can simultaneously maintain an overview of current projects and think ahead about the next steps.

2. Write, review, sign and publish: all in one place

Multiple tools such as Word, Google Drive and e-mail are often used to draw up a single contract. By using Docfield, you can say goodbye to the large number of different tools as we work from one central environment that is integrated with Single Sign On solutions. This means you don’t even have to create an account with Docfield! Write education agreements directly in our software and have them approved and signed with a single click of a button. Signing parties who do not use Docfield’s software – such as students – can also be invited effortlessly to sign the education agreement without creating an account. The signed education agreements can be archived or published and are easily readable on any device.

3. A protected quality and consistency in documents

Unintentionally, mistakes can quickly creep into agreements. Especially if you work with several people on different versions of the same contract. Thanks to the connected templates at Docfield, you can reduce the number of unforeseen errors in agreements through the ‘single source of truth’. The ‘single source of truth’ makes it possible to edit hundreds of agreements simultaneously with just one click of a button. Our templates ensure that the structure, content and styling is consistent across all documents and contracts. You no longer have to copy and paste information between different templates because with Docfield you can just easily export and import content between documents within one environment.

It is now a lot easier to fill in, sign and archive the agreements, which means that the education agreements are less work.

- Carola Doumen | Project leader flexible part-time education & Lifelong Development


Thanks to the appropriate solutions at Docfield, HAN can now generate thousands of educational agreements simultaneously with the push of a button. In this way, HAN can now facilitate its students and coaches with a user-friendly solution that is centrally managed. In collaboration with Docfield, HAN has been able to make a major improvement in efficiency, which also contributes to an improved quality of the agreements and a better experience for the student.

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