Docfield for Document Generation

Automate your document creation

Docfield, powered by AgilePoint, extracts data from your CRM, HR system, forms, and online databases to generate critical business documents – from policies and contracts to NDAs and SLAs.
These organizations have already
streamlined their document processes

Templates: the foundation of automated document workflows

Docfield helps you generate advanced templates with editable text, data components, and conditional rules. This ensures compliance in your document generation process. Plus, Docfield's audit trail acts like a detective and keeps everyone honest about any document changes.

Template builder

Set yourself up for success by designing smart templates and workflows

Dynamic data views

Extract mission-critical data from smart fields and turn them into actionable insights

Generate contracts
& documents at scale

Connect your existing software or use forms to start generating contracts & documents automatically. Import data instantly from databases, CRM or ERP to smart fields.

Put your document workflows on auto-pilot

Connect Docfield to your tech stack and setup external triggers to automate your document workflows. Create customized workflow steps for each template in Docfield and let the automation handle the rest. Saves time, reduces errors, and streamlines document generation.

Workflow management

Create custom workflows for each template, assign responsibilities and set deadlines

Export to CSV

Export your data to Excel Sheets easily

Extract mission-critical data from documents

Use smart fields in your templates to gather information like customer details or transaction data. Export this data to your CRM, ERP, or BI software and turn raw data into actionable insights with ease.

What customers are saying

"Since we’ve been using Docfield — we are saving up to 80% time on contracting with enterprise clients.”
Hans Hantson
Business Developer EMEA
"I used to have a bunch of Word documents that I sometimes had to scroll through endlessly, which took a lot of time. Now it's much clearer. You can see at a glance what's done and what's not."
Jennifer van Triest
Secretary at the Institute for People & Business
"More and more of our departments and faculties choose to work with this software. That is enough said, in my opinion."
Mo van Dijk
Policy officer
"We use Docfield to write OER’s. The authors, commenters & advisors enjoy using the product. As the coordinator, I’m most happy about the ease of use."
Raimond van Mouche
Policy advisor
"It’s very convenient for me to have my whole workflow in one place now."
Legal Advisor
"It is very nice to keep control of your own formats. And one should not be afraid that it is complicated because it is self-explanatory, and I really like that."
Lisa Markesteijn
Senior Lawyer
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Frequently asked questions

What is Docfield Automation powered by AgilePoint?
It's a new capability which combines Docfield's document management with AgilePoint's process automation. AgilePoint is a process automation platform that helps enterprises automate complex processes and enables them to integrate different platforms.
What kind of documents can I generate?
It can help you generate any document, from sales and HR contracts to policy documents, NDAs, SLAs, and partnership agreements. You can use it to generate any document you create and distribute repetitively, and you want to streamline the process while giving your documents a professional and consistent look.
How do I benefit from Docfield Automation by AgilePoint?
You save time and effort otherwise spent in creating and filling documents manually. You can grab data from an external source (like a form, CRM, HR system, or an online database) and generate documents quickly.
Secondly, you can automate this process by integrating document generation and approval into a larger workflow. Instead of remembering when you or your team members need to create and approve certain documents, you can automate the document generation process by adding triggers. Every participant is notified when it's time to take action.
Is an AgilePoint form the starting point of this automated doc generation?
For the entire organization, the process begins with creating a template in Docfield. However, for an individual participant, yes, the form can serve as the starting point. It's important to note that forms are just one way to input data into a document; data can also be automatically extracted from the CRM system without form completion.
What's the ending point, where are generated docs saved, and are they accessible on desktop or multiple devices?
The ending point varies depending on the organization's existing tools and preferences. Users can sign documents within Docfield or export them to a designated signing solution, such as DocuSign. You can store the finalized documents in Docfield or export them to other preferred storage platforms like SharePoint or Google Drive, ensuring accessibility from desktops and multiple devices.