Docfield for Education

Standardize your document process

User-friendly document creation and standardization process for key policy documents, ideal for education, OERs, student contracts, consortium agreements or other recurring documents.
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to simplify their document workflow

Create better documents in less time

Build your foundation with powerful templates that allow you to update all documents with a single click. Choose which parts are editable by others and which parts are locked with Docfield's intuitive text editor. Include instructions and secure relevant knowledge at the right place.

Template builder

Set yourself up for success by designing smart templates and workflows

Collaborate and communicate

Experience live collaboration and eliminate version management with Docfield's digital workspace. Replace endless email threads with comments and automated notifications. Open the progression tracker to manage your to-do's.

Progress tracker

See exactly which smart fields or text elements still have to be filled in

Coordinate & cooperate

Create custom workflows for each template and enforce document creators to follow internal processes. Assign permissions on a document level. Track progress for each document or template from your personal dashboard.

Workflow management

Create custom workflows for each template, assign responsibilities and set deadlines

Publish with a single click

Completed your document workflow? Publish your policy documents directly from the text editor with a single click.

Smart fields

Create smart fields & capture critical data