Published on
June 17, 2024

Docfield’s Inspiration day 2024

Docfield recently organized its third inspiration day at The Next Web in Amsterdam. It was a super fun day with lots of knowledge exchange, which we ended with a boat trip through the Amsterdam canals.

The attendees

There were more than 20 people from different institutions, all sharing knowledge, insights and thoughts about the OER process within their institution. We also welcomed some new clients, such as University of Amsterdam, Tilburg University, HZ University of Applied Sciences and Salta Group.

What did the day look like?

We started with a look back at 2023, discussing user statistics. One of our customers had performed more than 88,000 activities in Docfield, which of course had to be celebrated! 🍾🥂

Then Kim Weerts from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences talked about two important issues:

1. How to adopt Docfield as a platform from a colleague? The conclusion was to make sure that a new training takes place and that the old user still stays involved to fully transfer the template to the new owner.

2. How to get new faculty involved in Docfield and completely move away from Word? This process went very quickly after faculty approval. Many lessons were learned, but the most important thing is to announce it in a timely manner so that it can be properly built into Docfield.

We all enjoyed an early lunch on the balcony of the TNW building. After lunch, Raimond van Mouche from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences took over. As a super user of Docfield, Raimond shared valuable insights and best practices around OER and how Docfield makes this so much easier with writing guides, compliance checkers and more.

After many questions and knowledge sharing, we moved on to the product and roadmap with all the upcoming new features such as copying blocks between templates, searching within documents, highlighting static blocks, document history and publishing in the English language.

We then split into different groups to talk about the template approval process and combining English and Dutch OER versions.

We ended the afternoon with a boat trip through Amsterdam's canals.