Published on
May 25, 2023

Click Through Agreement

What is a click-through agreement?

A click-through agreement is a contract that companies make you agree to before you can use their digital products or services. It tells essential things like the rules your product/service users must follow and how you will use their personal information. In Europe, this is a way to ensure companies get a user’s permission to use information, a requirement under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Software companies, online service providers, and e-commerce platforms use these agreements to comply with regulations.

Why does a Legal Counsel need to know this?

Click-through agreements tell your users how to use the product or service and help protect the company’s rights. As a legal counsel, you can advise the company on what information it should include in the agreement to protect its intellectual property (IP) rights and limit its liability. GDPR was enforced in May 2018, and legal counsels should ensure that the language of their company’s click-through agreement complies with the regulations.

Are click-through agreements enforceable?

A click-through agreement is legally enforceable and has the same legal standing as a traditional wet ink or electronic signature.

How does modern CLM software help manage click-through agreements?

Modern Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software can help manage click-through agreements by improving consumer signing experience and standardizing language across different regions. It can make the process more efficient and user-friendly.

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